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  • Shrimp Paste Production Line

    Shrimp Paste Production Line

    Shrimp paste is processed by processing the shrimp to make minced meat. After being cooked, it tastes firm and has a strong shrimp flavor. It is generally a popular dish for hot pot. The automated processing technology requires the shrimp to pass through the meat grinder, chopper, filling machine, packaging machine, quick-freezer, and other equipment, and refrigerate for standby. It is convenient and quick to cook it when eating. The processed and cleaned shrimp meat is passed through a mea...
  • Meat Patty Production Line

    Meat Patty Production Line

    The whole machine is made of stainless steel and other food materials, which meets hygienic standards and HACCP standards, which is easy to clean; the whole machine is designed with safe electrical appliances. Wide range of uses, and a wide range of applicable raw materials, and abundant products. In addition, it is equipped with a sizing machine and a breading machine to become a hamburger patty, chicken chop, and fish patty production line.   In the process of raw meat processing,...
  • Meatball Production Line

    Meatball Production Line

    Meatballs are very common and consumed in almost every country of the worldThis production line is all food-grade 304 stainless steel with a centralized control system, which is suitable for different raw materials, including beef, chicken, pork, etc., and can also be suitable for special products, such as meatball products containing vegetables and other particles.Can meet various production needs. Whether it is fresh meat or frozen meat as raw materials, it needs to be ground into...
  • Canned Beef Production Line

    Canned Beef Production Line

    Canned beef is more popular all over the world. As a fast food, it has the characteristics of long shelf life, convenient carrying, and simple cooking. From the early manual production of canned food, it has now developed into a fully automated production line, which has greater advantages in terms of output and cost. We can help customers design different packaging types, different sizes, and different shapes of canned food solutions. The raw materials generally need to be processe...
  • Luncheon Meat Production Line

    Luncheon Meat Production Line

    Luncheon meat is a common food in daily life. Unlike ordinary canned beef or pork, luncheon meat is more delicate and suitable for more people. The luncheon meat production line uses meat or minced meat as raw materials, which can quantitatively fill raw materials into cans, and has a vacuum-assisted feeding function to avoid pores, defects, product shapes and firmness. This machine can reach 90 times per minute, economical, practical, and low consumption. After work, it is easy to ...
  • Fish Ball Production Line

    Fish Ball Production Line

    Fish ball is a famous snack in Asia. It is mainly made of fish meat and starch, and it is very popular because of its delicate taste, fresh flavor and tenderness. There are many types of fish balls according to the ratio of different fish raw materials and auxiliary materials. Including octopus balls, sandwich fish balls, Thai fish balls, Taiwan fish balls, etc. Fish meatballs are meatballs that are processed by beating, shaping, and boiling fish meat. Frozen surimi is used. Therefo...