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  • Fish Ball Production Line

    Fish Ball Production Line

    Fish balls, as the name suggests, are meatballs made from fish meat. They are popular in Asia, mainly in China, Southeast Asia, Japan, etc. and a few other countries. After the fish bones are removed, the fish meat is stirred at a high speed in order to make the fish balls have a more elastic taste. How does the factory make fish balls? What is usually needed is automatic equipment, including fish deboning machine, chopping machine, beater, fish ball machine,fish ball boiling line and other equipment.
  • Canned Beef Production Line

    Canned Beef Production Line

    Like luncheon meat, canned beef is a very common food. Canned food has a long shelf life and is easy to carry and easy to eat. Different from luncheon meat, canned beef is made of beef chunks, so the filling method will be different. Usually, manual filling is selected.The canned beef factory will choose multi-head scales to complete quantitative portioning. Then it is packaged by a vacuum sealer. Next, we will specifically introduce the processing flow of canned beef.
  • Shrimp Paste Production Line

    Shrimp Paste Production Line

    Shrimp paste was born in Macau. Today when hot pot is so popular all over the world, it belongs to the emerging hot pot ingredients. We provide a full set of shrimp paste processing production line, from the processing of freshwater shrimp, chopping and mixing stuffing, filling, packing, sealing, and refrigeration to realize automated production. In particular, the special vacuum filling machine for shrimp paste and the bag-feeding packaging machine ensure the quality and capacity of the product.
  • Luncheon Meat Production Line

    Luncheon Meat Production Line

    Luncheon meat, as an important accompaniment food, has gone through decades of development history. Convenience, ready-to-eat, and long shelf life are its important features. The main equipment of the luncheon meat production line is the filling and sealing equipment, which requires a vacuum filling machine and a vacuum sealing machine to ensure that the luncheon meat will not shorten the shelf life due to the lack of sealing. The luncheon meat factory can realize fully automatic production, save labor, and increase production capacity.
  • Meatball Production Line

    Meatball Production Line

    Meatballs, including beef balls, pork balls, chicken balls, and fish balls, are popular in China and Southeast Asia. Helper Machinery focuses on the development and production of meatball complete production lines, and has developed different types of meatball forming machines, meat beaters, high-speed choppers, cooking equipment, etc. From meatball production plant planning, equipment selection, process optimization, and trial production, our sales and technical teams provide one-stop service.
  • Meat Patty Production Line

    Meat Patty Production Line

    Regarding the production of meat patty burgers, we not only provide production equipment, but also help you optimize the production process, improve the production process, and increase the production efficiency. Whether you are a new factory to make patty burgers or need to increase your production capacity, Helper’s engineers can provide a professional and customized solution. In the solution below, the machines selection can be made based on actual situation and customer requirements.