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bagged pet food production layout
bagged pet food

The pet food market has been developing rapidly, and people's requirements for pet food are becoming higher and higher. Whether you are producing several hundred kilograms per day or several tons per hour, We can help customers to design customized solutions. Provide beneficial help for your development.

Customized layout according to factory size, From raw material processing to extrusion, to the final packaging, the entire production line. Just provide us with your product requirements, output, and factory size, we will design a suitable plant.

pet food production layout
pet food machines

Suitable for the processing of different raw materials, frozen meat, fresh meat, vegetables, additives, etc., compact structure, does not occupy too much space. In the pre-processing of raw materials, we will follow the requirements of customers, or according to our experience and suggestions.

The vacuum filling series is used for the extrusion system, and the flow divider is used to ensure the filling speed and quantitative accuracy. With different shaping mold, products with different shapes and specifications can be made. Optional automatic cut-off function to achieve automatic production and reduce labor costs.

pet food production line-logo
pet food processing line-logo

The steam tunnel furnace has uniform heating, simple operation and good heating effect. The interlayer is filled with high-quality insulation materials. Touch screen operation, PLC precise temperature control.

The combination weigher is used for quantitative packaging, and it is connected with an automatic packaging machine to greatly increase production speed and save labor costs. Can be matched with different packaging solutions. Not limited to the packaging of small particles, we can also provide corresponding solutions for large particles. Including vacuum or non-vacuum.

pet food packaging machine-logo

Specification and Technical Parameter

bagged pet food production
  1. 1. Compressed Air:0.06 Mpa
  2. 2. Steam Pressure:0.06-0.08 Mpa
  3. 3. Power:3~380V/220V Or Customized according to different voltages.
  4. 4. Production Capacity:200kg-3000kg per hour.
  5. 5. Applicable Products: Bagged pet food, bagged dog food, pouch dog food, etc.
  6. 6. Warranty Period: One year
  7. 7. Quality Certification: ISO9001, CE, UL

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