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clipped sausage production line
clipped sausage

The clipper machine can be used for different series of products, sausage, ham, salami, polony, also for butter, cheese and others. Because of its wide variety, easy storage, convenience, and practicality, people always love meat products. Generally, clipped sausages are mostly made of plastic casings, which have good airtightness, easy storage, and strong toughness.

 The main structure of the full set of equipment is made of high-quality 304 stainless steel, with high processing accuracy and meeting food safety requirements. The appearance is delicate and easy to clean. For the raw meat processing steps, the large-volume meat can be ground directly to shape, or it can be initially broken into small pieces, and then processed step by step.The equipment structure is reasonable, easy to disassemble and wash, and easy to replace the wearing parts. At the same time, it can be customized according to different process requirements.

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The raw material processing equipment includes frozen meat breakers, meat grinders, choppers, mixers, etc, which are essential equipment for meat processing.The equipment are suitable for different types of frozen meat, fresh meat, vegetables, and various additives. It can be processed into different specifications, the materials are mixed evenly, working with the vacuum filling machine series, improve the production efficiency and product quality.

The core equipment of clipped sausage is the clipping sealing machine.According to different product types, choose different models and clip sizes.The automatic clipper machine adopts a servo control system, touch screen operation, accurate positioning, adjustable speed, and can be matched with different brands of filling machines. Choose different clips and models according to different products. Meet the requirements of all kinds of sausage products.

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The automatic clipper series is suitable for different types and models of clips. U-shaped, aluminum wire, etc. The speed is fast and the product shape is beautiful. we also supply different casings, dozens of varieties of multi-layer co-extruded film nylon casing, smokable sausage casings, and shrink barrier skin pouches/films for cooked meat products. 

Specification and Technical Parameter

clipped sausage

Compressed Air:0.06 Mpa
Steam Pressure:0.06-0.08 Mpa
Power: 3~380V/220V Or Customized according to different voltages.
Production Capacity:100kg-2000kg per hour.
Applicable Products: Salami, Sausage ham, Snack sausage, clipped sausage, etc.
Warranty Period: One year
Quality Certification: ISO9001, CE, UL

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