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In the production process of flour products, dough mixing is a process directly related to the quality of flour products. The first step of kneading is to allow the raw flour to absorb moisture, which is convenient for calendering and forming in the subsequent process. In addition, the raw flour must fully absorb water during the kneading process to make the gluten in the flour form a network structure. The amount of moisture absorbed by the flour has a decisive effect on the quality of the flour product.
   1. Process principle of vacuum mixing machine:

Vacuum kneading means kneading the dough under vacuum and negative pressure. The wheat flour particles are stirred with water under negative pressure. Because there is no barrier of air molecules, it can absorb water more fully, quickly and evenly, thereby promoting the protein network structure of the dough. Transformation, greatly improving the quality of noodle products.

   2. Process function of vacuum mixing machine:

  ●Compared with ordinary kneading technology, it can increase the moisture of the dough by 10-20%.

  ●The free water in the dough is reduced, and it is not easy to stick to the roller during rolling; the dough particles are smaller, and the feeding is more uniform and smooth.

  ●Wheat flour particles absorb water evenly and fully, and the gluten network structure is fully formed, which can make the dough golden in color, and significantly increase the density and strength, so that the finished noodles are delicious, smooth, chewy, and immiscible (reduced dissolution).

        ●Vacuum kneading adopts two-stage two-speed mixing, high-speed water-powder mixing, and low-speed kneading. Because the mixing time is shortened and there is no air resistance, it not only reduces power consumption, has significant energy saving and emission reduction effects, but also keeps the dough warm. The temperature rise is reduced by about 5℃-10℃, which avoids the denaturation of protein due to the excessive temperature rise of the dough and damages the gluten network organization.

vacuum dough mixer

Post time: May-12-2020