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Ingredients: Fresh pork 250g (fat-to-lean ratio 1: 9), strawberry juice 20g, white sesame 20g, salt, soy sauce, sugar, black pepper , ginger, etc

Technological process: washing meat → grind meat → stirring (putting seasoning and strawberry juice) → quick freezing → thawing → baking → slicing.

Key points of operation:

(1) Conditioning of preserved meat. Select pork that has passed the health inspection, remove connective tissue, blood stains, etc., and grind fat and lean meat into minced meat with a meat grinder. Put the seasoning and strawberry juice in sequence. Add salt, soy sauce, sugar, black pepper, soy sauce, ginger, purified water, etc. The above materials were stirred again. Take out the stirred traps and place them on oiled paper, then cover with plastic wrap, and then press the strawberry pork breast into a thin slice.


(2) Quick freezing. Place the sample in a quick freezer and freeze to -18 ° C.

(3) Baking. Remove the material, place it in a baking tray, and send it to the oven. (Up and down fire, roast at 150 ℃ for 5min, then turn to 130 ℃ for 10min). Brush the prepared honey with water on the preserved meat and send it to the oven again (up and down fire, 130 ℃, 5min). Take it out, cover with a layer of greased paper, turn it over the baking tray, brush with honey water, and finally send it into the oven (up and down fire, 130 ℃, 20min can be out of the oven). Cut the roasted meat into a rectangular shape.

Post time: Apr-27-2020