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How to plan and build meat processing plants scientifically and reasonably is very important to meat production companies, especially those companies that are just involved in meat processing often encounter some troublesome problems. Reasonable planning will get twice the result with half the effort in the smooth construction process. Otherwise, not only will the waste of man-hours and rework increase the construction cost, some will even fail to operate normally. In response to the above-mentioned problems, when the meat processing plant is being built, a brief summary of the work and related matters is for your reference.

   1. The plan of processing scale and product type

First of all, it is necessary to clarify the scale of processing and the type of processed products, such as: fresh meat, cut meat, meat preparations and deep-processed meat products, etc., in terms of the scope of production scale and processing varieties, it is necessary to meet the current processing requirements , Also consider the extension of subsequent processing.

   2. The location of the processing plant

   The location of the processing plant that has undergone geological surveys should be an area with convenient transportation, electric power facilities, sufficient water sources, no harmful gases, dust, and other sources of pollution, and easy to discharge sewage. The slaughtering baitiao processing plant is far away from densely populated areas; the meat product deep processing plant (workshop) can be built in an appropriate place in the town with the approval of the local urban planning and health department.

   3. The design of the processing plant

  The design and layout of the workshop must conform to the product processing technology and processing procedures, and conform to the requirements of building safety, sanitation and fire protection. Equipped with complete facilities, the main processing workshop and auxiliary workshops are reasonably collocated, and the processes in each processing workshop are smooth and have good isolation and lighting conditions. The doors and windows, partition walls, ground level, drainage ditch, ceiling, decoration, etc. in the workshop must be in accordance with food safety Hygienic standard construction, the distribution of power, lighting, water supply and drainage, and heat supply points should be arranged in place. The plant area and main roads should be equipped with greenery, and the main roads should be supplemented with hard pavements suitable for vehicle traffic, and roads leading to various areas should be provided. The plant area should have a good water supply and drainage system.

   4. The choice of equipment

  Processing equipment plays a vital role in the efficiency and quality of processed products. Each processing enterprise attaches great importance to how to choose equipment suitable for the processing requirements and is quite a headache. First of all, it is necessary to accurately locate the type of equipment required. Each processing equipment must be designed and manufactured in strict accordance with the various processes of its products. The equipment has strong professional requirements in terms of function, hygiene, safety, and durability. The equipment is not only comprehensive and reasonable in structure, but also beautiful and fine on the outside. , In the configuration of complete processing equipment, mechanical equipment is closely related to process flow and related parameters. Try to choose equipment from the same manufacturer in order to obtain professional and reasonable equipment matching, convenient after-sales service and related technical support.

   5. Related facilities

  The processing plant is composed of the main production workshop and other related complete facilities, which should be included in the plant planning. Special facilities and equipment need to go through relevant approval procedures. 1. Electricity: The capacity of the quoted power supply should be greater than the total electricity load calculated by the processing plant, and it should be equipped with a low-pressure gas control room and control equipment. Special equipment or special production areas should be equipped with emergency power supply equipment; 2. Water supply: sufficient The water quality of the water supply source or water supply equipment must meet sanitary standards. If water storage facilities are required, anti-pollution measures should be taken to facilitate regular cleaning and disinfection; 3. Cold storage: According to the production processing volume and product turnover period, the capacity of quick-freezing storage, cold storage, and fresh-keeping storage should be allocated as appropriate. The location should be convenient for the transportation of products in and out; 4. Heat source: The heat source mainly includes boilers, pipeline steam, and natural gas. If boiler steam is used, the boiler room should have a sufficient safe distance from the workshop, living area or area with personnel activities, and have protective facilities; 5. Others: garages, warehouses, offices, quality inspections, etc. should be available according to the standards used Corresponding matching.

   6. Staffing

   The factory needs trained and qualified health operators, and should also be equipped with full-time management personnel, who can not only produce high-quality and qualified products, but also be able to operate and maintain the machinery and equipment proficiently.

   7. Summary

Meat food is an important industry for economic development. An effective meat food management mechanism has been established in the framework of a scientific and reasonable meat processing plant and professional meat processing equipment. We must efficiently provide high-quality products to the market. , Healthy meat food, but also to make high-quality, healthy meat products stable and lasting, especially companies that have just entered the meat food processing need more reference.

Post time: Oct-12-2020