Dumpling Machine and Production Solution

With AINISTER’s custom-made automatic dumpling production line solution, you can have all manufacturing machines, plus a practical and comprehensive proposal taking into consideration the preparation of dumpling filling, ingredient proportions of dumpling wrappers, shape, cooking methods, package, and freezing. Whether you are new to automatic production or need to increase productivity, AINISTER’s engineers can provide a professional and tailored solution. In the solution below, the machines can be adjusted in model and quantity according to real production needs. Want to get a quick quote and consultant? Please click the button below and fill out the form.

  • Certificate: ISO9001, CE, UL
  • Warranty period: 1 year
  • Payment Type: T/T, L/C
  • Packaging: Seaworthy wooden case
  • Service Support: Video technical support,On-site installation,Spare parts service.
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    How Dumpling Making Machine Works


    In order to maximize the automation degree and reduce labor costs during dumpling producing, the automatic dumpling production line is designed according to customer’s requirements.

    The dumpling production line can be automated from dumpling forming, steaming, cooling to quick-freezing, and the packaging is now designed to be manual operated to avoid dumpling breakage.

    Your Dumpling Production Line and Solution Consultant

    With different ingredients and molds, the combinations form numerous ethnic foods, but their production is based on the same principle of machinery.
    In terms of dumpling, it not only is a national dish for Chinese, but also refers to similar food in different countries because their production processes are very much alike. HLT-series made by AINISTER is suitable for making foods with different ingredients and dough textures. AINISTER team will evaluate tastes and shapes until the food, produced by HLT-700 series, is pleasing in taste and appearance. Also, we take out a patent on the machine (No. I354541). 30 standard molds are available for customer to choose, plus those custom molds, there are more than 800 types. AINISTER has put a lot of effort to achieve that, simply one machine with customized molds enable our clients to produce various food products efficiently and develop market segmentations to create business value.

    Food Made by Ainister Dumpling Making Machines


    A Dumpling


    A Dumpling


    A Dumpling


    A Dumpling


    A Dumpling

    Dumpling Production Planning Proposal and Equipment List

    Producing Process (one-stop solution for Large and Ultra Large Dumpling Production) 

    1. 1. Preparation: to get dough and fillings ready
    2. 2. Dumpling Forming: with dough and fillings, the dumpling machine produces dumplings and sends dumplings onto the conveyor belt.
    3. 3. Dumpling weight 20g/pc, wrapper weight 6.7-7.3g, producing capacity 160pcs/min
    4. 4. Steaming: after forming, dumplings go into an automatic steaming line to be steamed and shaped. Steaming time 6min, speed 1m/min
    5. 5. Cooling: after forming, dumplings need to be cooled and it?s better that dumpling surface temperature reduced to 10-15?
    6. 6. Quick frozen: After cooling, dumplings need to be quick frozen.
    steamed dumpling production

    Automatic Dumpling Machines

    Preparation Equipment in Dumplings Production

    Auxiliary Equipment for Dumpling Production Line

    Automatic Dumpling Machine Display


    Complete Automatic Dumpling Making Machine

    It is researched and developed independently by our company, with patent intellectual property right, combining the functions of the wrapper roller, quantitative stuffing, dumpling forming, and wrapper recycling. The process of wrapper producing, stuffing supply, wrapping and sealing, power spreading and shaping are all completed automatically. The dumplings produced are close to hand making ones in the taste, color, and shape etc.


    Dumpling Wrapper and Filling

    Like ordinary dumplings, the production of dumpling wrapper and dumpling filling is similar, the main difference lies in the forming part.What is the core part of the dumpling production line? Of course it is a dumpling maker machine.Our dumpling machine adopts servo control, with PLC and touch screen, it is convenient to manage different products. The stainless steel body makes the equipment easy to clean and prolongs its service life.

    dumpling making machine

    Dumpling Dough Press System

    The dumpling maker machine can also be equipped with a dough pressing system to reduce the production process and save time without taking up too much space. With the equipment's own scrap recovery device, it greatly reduces the waste of raw materials and reduces labor costs.


    Advantages of AINISTER Dumpling Machines

    There are servo motors to control all parts of the dumpling machine and there is no chain to drive the machine, which increases the capacity and stability of the dumpling machine and also makes operation and maintenance of the machine much easier, and also prolong the service life of the machine.The weight of filling can be adjusted on the touch screen and there is no need to adjust the filling part in the machine by hand.

    Moreover, due to the dual-channel structure, the speed can reach 160pcs/min.

    dumpling tray

    With Dumpling Arranging Machine

    The automatic steaming dumpling production line can also be equipped with the dumpling arranging machine. Molded dumplings are pushed or put onto the transmission belt and then delivered to the catching component of the tray arranging machine, and then the robot arm catch dumplings and puts them into the tray. After the tray is filled with dumplings, the transmission chain delivers the tray out of the catching part. 

    dumpling arranging machine-logo

    The Gripper of the Dumpling Catching Component

    It can be exchanged according to different dumpling shapes to meet the tray-loading requirements of different dumplings. The machine adopts frequency conversion and servo motor control which makes speed control convenient. All the operations and parameters can be conducted on the touch screen, with a high degree of automation, accurate positioning. And High-quality electrical components are adopted by the machine, which makes the control accurate and reliable. And The machine can be combined with several dumpling machines to meet the requirements of tidying up different kinds of dumplings.

    pet food processing line-logo

    Dumpling Steaming & Cooking System

    For the automatic steaming line, it is a continuous tunnel design, the heating medium is steam, high-pressure steam (0.7-0.8mpa), after being decompressed into a stable low-pressure steam through the decompression system, it will directly enter the steaming line for product heating. The heat preservation shell is composed of stainless steel structure and heat preservation layer to ensure that the temperature in the automatic line will not be lost quickly. It can be operated automatically with PLC and touch screen.


    Dumpling Packaging Machine

    For the packaging machine, using original single-servo or dual-servo motor control, which is more intelligent, higher packaging accuracy, wider adjustable range, more precise control, and lower scrap rate compared with other similar domestic and foreign inverter motor or inverter control products, Better stability. Due to the use of a fully open box structure, the transmission structure is clear, and maintenance is more convenient. It is applied for the packing of quick-frozen food such as dumplings, wontons, buns, and tangyuan with trays, or all kinds of solid and regular objects such as bread, cakes, cartoons, etc.

    Layout Drawing for Large Dumpling Production Line

    Dumpling making machine and steaming line-logo


    1. 1. Compressed Air:0.06 Mpa
    2. 2. Steam Pressure:0.06-0.08 Mpa
    3. 3. Power: 3~380V/220V Or Customized according to different voltages.
    4. 4. Production Capacity:100kg-2000kg per hour.
    5. 5. Applicable Products: Steam dumplings, steam gyoza, instant pot dumplings, fried dumplings, etc.
    6. 6. Warranty Period: One year
    7. 7. Quality Certification: ISO9001, CE, UL


    Suitable For

    • * Food factory
      a building where machines are equipped to prepare ingredients and make, cook and package food. E.g. frozen food factory, ready meal factory.
    •  * Kitchen design and equipment supplier
      a person or organization that provides production process planning, commercial kitchen appliance, and food making machines.
    •  * Machine distributor
      a person or organization that buys great food machines and sells them to local customers.
    •  * Entrepreneur who wants to invest in the food industry
      someone who starts a new food business and needs a comprehensive solution, including consulting service in equipment purchase and manufacturing know-how.

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  • 1.Do you provide goods or equipment, or solutions?

    We do not produce final products, but are manufacturers of food processing equipment, and we also integrate and provide complete production lines for food processing plants.

    2.What areas do your products and services involve?

    As an integrator of the production line program of Helper Group, we not only provide various food processing equipment, such as: vacuum filling machine, chopping machine, automatic punching machine, automatic baking oven, vacuum mixer, vacuum tumbler, frozen meat/ Fresh meat grinder, noodle making machine, dumpling making machine, etc.
    We also provide the following factory solutions, such as:
    Sausage processing plants,noodle processing plants, dumpling plants, canned food processing plants, pet food processing plants, etc., involve a wide range of different food processing and production fields.

    3.Which countries are your equipment exported to?

    Our customers are all over the world, including the United States, Canada, Colombia, Germany, France, Turkey, South Korea, Singapore, Vietnam, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, India, South Africa and more than 40 countries and regions, providing customized solutions for different customers.

    4.How do you guarantee the installation and after-sales service of the equipment?

    We have an experienced technical team and production workers, who can provide remote guidance, on-site installation and other services. The professional after-sales team can communicate remotely at the first time, and even on-site repairs.


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